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Adilof Motor Oil

ADILOF MOTOR OIL SAE 10W/40 API SL/CF is a special formulation using semi-synthetic lubricant base oil technology suitable for modern passenger car gasoline engine oil exceeding the performance specification API SL.

Adilof Special Motor Oil

ADILOF 6000 is a super high technology multi-grade engine oil specially designed for use in all passenger car engines, diesel and turbocharged units. The SAE 20W-50 viscosity range combined with latest API SL/CF performance rating of ADILOF 6000.

Adilof Diesel Engine Oil

ADILOF DIESEL ENGINE OIL 15W40 API CI-4 is Advanced Diesel Engine Oil based on the most modern additive component technology designed to use as mixed fleet automotive diesel engine oil & for today’s high-speed turbocharged diesel engines.

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