Product Description

ADILOF DIESEL ENGINE OIL 15W40 API CI-4 is Advanced Diesel Engine Oil based on the most modern additive component technology designed to use as mixed fleet automotive diesel engine oil & for today’s high-speed turbocharged diesel engines. Its unique is a combination of highly refined hydro cracked base oils & carefully selected additives to give superior engine protection against soot & sludge.

ADILOF DIESEL ENGINE OIL 15W40 API CI-4 offers a wide range of applications that make it an excellent choice for mixed fleet operators where it may be used in cars, trucks, 4WD, buses plus many off highway vehicles and plant engines.


  • Developed for diesel engines and designed to provide optimum protection with reduced risk of cylinder bore polishing.
  • Reduced compression loss and blow-by, resulting in improved oil consumption control plus longer oil life and longer engine life.
  • Protects against piston and combustion chamber deposits.
  • Increased engine power retention and fuel efficiency.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of engines, excellent for operators of mixed fleets.
  • Grade rationalization giving reduced oil stocks, costs and space allocation plus reduced risk of incorrect.


Reduced operating costs associated with fewer oil changes and less downtime.
ADILOF DIESEL ENGINE OIL 15W40 API CI-4 is recommended for on or off-road.